Money and Fidelity Insurance

1.  Money - for any one occurrence:

1)  in the Premises when closed for business or unattended
   a - not contained in a locked safe or strong room
   b - in a locked safe or strong room
2)  in the dwelling of the Insured or of any other persons to   whom such money is entrusted
3)  in the Premises when open for business and attended
4)  whilst in transit, including in bank night safe
5)  crossed cheques and other Non-Negotiable instruments whilst in the Republic of Cyprus

2. Personal Accident (Assault)

1)  Benefits for any one occurrence 
   a - Death
   b - Disablement – Loss of one or more Limbs or Eyes
   c - Permanent total disablement, other than by Loss of Limb  or Eye, from usual occupation
   d - Temporary total disablement from usual occupation for a maximum of 104 weeks not necessarily consecutive (per week).

2)  Personal Effects for any one occurrence
Damage to the clothing and personal effects of the Insured Person following assault in connection with the Business

3) Fidelity

Total aggregate for all loss