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Why Choose AIG for Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance?

Don’t let a pollution incident threaten your whole business.

The AIG Advantage

AIG Cyprus Environmental Impairment Liability Solutions

AIG’s size and flexibility mean we can protect a wide range of business sectors, both in Portugal and abroad, including.

  • Manufacturers in the electrical and electronic, energy, metal and plastics, textiles, paper and specialty chemicals (pharmaceutical, paint, paints, pesticides) sectors
  • Bulk storage terminals and warehouses holding chemicals or oil and oil-based products
  • Treatment facilities and waste disposal
  • Transportation and logistics companies
  • Construction industry

What is covered?

It enables companies to protect against costs of clean-up, bodily injury and damage caused to other peoples' property, by providing a specific insurance policy packaged to allow the Insured to design a programme suitable for their pollution insurance needs. It can be used by property owners and occupiers and operators of industrial sites.

It covers losses due to damage caused by sudden, accidental or gradual pollution on or emanating from the insured site(s) (claims made): Legal defence costs / Named insured includes Directors and Officers / Site specific or portfolio / Changes in legislation / First party property restoration costs arising from a clean-up claim. 

Contractors, whether undertaking remediation work or working on contaminated sites, are exposed to a wide variety of liabilities imposed by regulatory authorities or by the contractual requirements of individual customers. In most instances these risks will not be covered by their general liability policies. Additionally, gradual pollution conditions may only become evident some time after work is completed and contractors and property owners can find themselves liable many months or even years after the relevant contract is completed.

Our Contractors Pollution Liability product has been designed to protect contractors, site owners and developers, by covering them for cover cleanup cost, property damage and third party liabilities arising from pollution. Contractors and environmental consultants can purchase contract specific cover or blanket cover for all sites or operations being worked on as appropriate tailored for their specific needs. In addition property owners can purchase cover on behalf of contractors working on their site(s) safeguarding their own interests. Occurrence based policies are available to give ongoing cover for gradual pollution conditions after the contract has been completed.