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Why Choose AIG for Marine Insurance?

Global transportation solutions for a global marketplace.

The AIG Advantage

AIG Cyprus Marine Insurance Solutions

  • Primary Industry, secondary and retail
  • Freight services (such as forwarding agents wishing to offer Freight
    Transport insurance to their customers)
  • SMEs, multinationals and in general, all exporters and inporters

What is covered?

This policy provides worldwide cover to cargo carried by sea, air or road, in line with the London Institute Clauses. Coverage is expandable to include inland transit movements, storage or consolidation risks and war, strikes, riots and civil commotion (terrorism) cover.

Our Marine Cargo program can be specially tailored to meet the requirements of major customers or for the specific considerations of mid-market sized companies. Both in coverage quality and service standards, you get the best of AIG Marine.

Both the Major and Middle Market Cargo policy can provide worldwide coverage of goods in transit from warehouse to warehouse with tailor-made coverage's to fit the most diverse insurance needs.

When claims occur we respond quickly delivering high quality service, ensuring effective claims management and recovery using our dedicated worldwide claims network. 

Insurance coverage designed for companies engaged in multiple service activities related to transportation. Coverage is tailored to the insured’s operational exposures. 

eMarine (Electronic-Marine), an extremely user-friendly Web based tool that makes Marine Cargo insurance with AIG a truly pleasurable experience. 


  • The client can issue Marine Cargo insurance certificates anytime, anywhere, 24x7 - from the comfort of the client's office - All that is required is an Internet connection.
  • Any number of users in the client's organization, even from different locations, can use eMarine at the same time, with distinct user ids and passwords.
  • The certificates can be verified at various stages during issuance. Changes can be made then and there ensuring quality documentation.
  • As the records get updated simultaneously at our office too, there is no need to submit separate declarations/details of certificates issued - the client therefore saves precious time.
  • Where applicable, clients may maintain deposits for certificate issuance, balances can be viewed by the client at any point of time facilitating transparent accounting and timely replenishments.
  • A unique encryption code on every insurance certificate facilitates verification of its authenticity, by any third party, anywhere in the world, by simply visiting our website and entering the encryption details.
  • Absolutely Free. Being an added benefit we offer our clients, there is no fee charged for eMarine usage. Neither is there any need to install additional software. The only requirements are Internet connectivity and Acrobat Reader Version 5 and above.

Security Features

While developing this tool, AIG has considered security as one of the most important factors to ensure problem-free, confident use by the client. The following features implemented in eMarine ensure that it is secure :

  • Data input and information access only by persons with an authorized user id and password, ensuring only trusted personnel have access to the client's shipment information.
  • The Server is maintained and monitored as per AIG's strict worldwide standards.

Marine Loss Control Services

Services are what distinguish AIG Marine from our global competitors.

AIG Global Marine offers comprehensive loss control services tailored for specific clientele ranging from importers/exporters, manufacturers, logistics operators, and large project-cargo (Infrastructure) operations to multinationals seeking tailored coverage that can be location specific or part of a worldwide master policy program.

We measure, identify and list customer requirements and provide efficient integrated solutions towards risk minimization. Our services rest upon three principles:

To help you avoid losses we help analyze and minimize potential exposures and present to our clients an outline of potential problems and their solutions based upon our loss control capabilities and regional and global strengths.

To help minimize losses, we analyze your loss frequency and severity trends, and implement recommendations on your needs. We also perform follow-up inspections to monitor the effectiveness of our recommendations.

We make sure to share the information that will assist the client and loss prevention professionals in carrying out loss prevention initiatives during the policy period and prior to policy renewal, new construction, marine activities and new procedures. We also offer training on such issues as fire protection, marine exposure and construction safety.

AIG Global Marine / MEMSA Marine is a division of the property and casualty insurance subsidiaries of American International Group, Inc.