General Liability

Why businesses need General Liability cover

Without this essential cover there would be no protection from the potentially enormous costs of legal fees and payouts resulting from an accident or injury caused by the business’ activities. While these could ruin the company, it would be equally unfair if an injured party unable to get fair compensation.

Why AIG?

AIG is a world-recognised leader in both primary and excess levels of General Liability insurance, particularly for clients with sustainable risk profiles and high standards of quality. The expertise of our team means we have a broad appetite for business types – and the ability to create solutions appropriate to the nature of the risk, size, geographical location and company structure. 

Across the world

Our insurance solutions can extend into other jurisdictions, issuing local policies through AIG offices present worldwide and expertise in international and multinational markets, energy risks and utilities, construction and private finance initiatives (PFI), crisis management, business markets (large companies and SMEs), excess coverage and specific coverage for US and Canada.

Preventing damage before it happens

Our experience in risk prevention covers a wide range of industries across Europe and is supported by an exclusive international network of technicians. AIG provides access to a network of 500 loss control specialists worldwide with experience in loss prevention, legislation on security, risk management, crisis management and mitigation. 

Who is it for?

AIG can support a broad range of business sectors within Cyprus and the rest of the world. 

What is covered?


This policy provides protection against third party claims arising from bodily injury, property damage and personal injury. Legal defence costs are also included.

Coverage is provided to protect an insured from liabilities arising from defects on the business premises, operations and products of the business.

Policies can be written to include worldwide territorial scope and jurisdiction. 


Businesses have a duty of care to their employees, customers and the general public. And in today’s increasingly, litigious world, companies and other organizations are increasingly likely to find themselves held liable for accidents and events that cause injury to employees and third parties or damage to their property.

Our Combined Liability Policy is an excellent insurance product built the main advantage of which is the avoidance of gaps in the cover because of the uniformity of its definitions. 


In today's economic and cultural climate people are becoming increasingly litigious giving rise to more claims. In addition the awards granted by court are increasing in size so companies whatever their size needs to protect their businesses from this threat. As they strive to maximize their insurance spend many large companies either have their own captive insurers or self insure a considerable part of their liability risks.

We offer a range of programs enabling companies to buy catastrophe cover for a variety of risks. Our general liability program can include public, products and employers. We can also tailor programs to meet a captive's specific requirements, with cover available as umbrella liability or reflecting single or multi-line liabilities, in single territories or multinational.